CHINA: June 1st - June 4th

Remember I told you Yue Li shopped three days in Chengdu for clothes for her shops? Well, she needed to make room for them so she cleaned out the baby clothes that weren't selling  put them in the biggest plastic sack I've ever seen (200 pieces) and hauled them back to our new (yes, NEW) apartment in the taxi with us yesterday.

She and Skyler had spotted some sidewalk vendors across the street and she thought that would be a good place to offload them.  I was assigned to guard the spot she choose next to the plastic shoe seller while she went up to the apartment for a blanket.

I had to fend off the hair accessory gal, but made up for it later when I bought a barrette from her.

So we've laid down the blanket and dumped the clothes out.  Yue Li is standing with the black change purse strap slug over her shoulder.
I have the watch baby assignment.

The clothes are a big hit, selling at 15 yuan each, or $2 each.

Yue Li multi-tasks, feeding the baby while giving change.

Some of our neighboring sidewalk vendors.

A bong bong with fruit.

Homemade .... something. Pretty popular, I saw plenty of people go by with this for their evening meal.

The greens guy.

Mom and daughter resting
Nail supplies.
Looking down the sidewalk toward our spot on the right.  We're just beyond the rack of pajamas.  

Across the sidewalk from us.

Fruit stand and balloon lady.

Socks and underwear.

The shoe woman is next to us. I helped keep good relations by buying a pair of flip flops.

Skyler shows up on his new (used) motorcycle.

Pajama man strolls through.  Very common to wear pajamas in public here, more on that later.

I amuse myself by taking pics of the cute babies out with grandparents and parents for their evening walk.  Check out this gal's hairdo.

Sooo cute!
After an hour we pack up and leave.  Yue Li is quite pleased with her take, and hopes to do it again tonight.

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