Leeannette and Haven are over for dinner. 

"Leeannette," I say to the first-grader. "Do you ever get in trouble for talking at school?"

"Oh, no, Nana. We can talk as much as we want. All we have to do is raise our hands first."

"I get it. So, when else can you talk?"

"On the playground, and when we're standing in line."

Papa Gee asks, "What's the line for?"

"So that when we go places none of us gets lost," she explains.

"But, for what reason are you in line?" he clarifies.

"Well, if we're in a big huddle, the teacher wouldn't be able to see if everyone was there, and somebody might get left behind." 

There's a pause, while Papa Gee regroups and decides if the subject is worth pursuing. Apparently it is, as he gives it one last try.

"What I'm asking, Leeannette, is why are you in the line in the first place?"

She looks at him thoughtfully, as she thinks through the whole conversation. Coming to a conclusion, she says to her sister;

"Haven! Come here!"

The four-year-old slips off her chair and walks around the table to Leeannette, now standing.

"Stand behind me!" Leeannette commands.  Haven obeys.

Leeannette gestures to Haven and herself and says with a voice that indicates this will be the first point of a lengthly presentation;

"Okay Papa Gee. This is a line."