What I can say about this short trip was the boys were great but Nana and Safety Officer Dylan were not quite fast enough to keep Danger Boy Tucker out of trouble.  He was returned to the parents with a bump and scrape on the side of his head (jumping on the bed and falling off) and a little of the top of his finger pad missing.  That was a result of Safety Officer's Dylan's over-enthusiastic desire to do his job right - Danger Boy rolled down his window while we waited in the border line, and Dylan rolled it back up - with Tucker's finger in it.

Mommy says goodbye

It's four hours to Ensenada - the boys are angels.  Dylan did not put his baseball down the entire way.

We stop at our favorite lunch stop. 

We wait for lunch 

After lunch we go to the fish market

Lots to look at - we're there for awhile

Papa G gets us some fish for dinner

And the boys get some super hero capes.  Another two hours and we're home.

Papa G and Dylan arrive back from a kayak

Leticia the nanny plays hours of baseball with them.  I think Dylan is in love!

Papa G and the boys

Hose down time!

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  1. OH MY GOSH...these pictures are awesome! I LOVE your 'safety officer' and 'danger boy' titles. That is fantastic. Really brought a smile to my face today. AND I am thinking how brilliant you are for hiring a that a new revelation? It's way overdue. That is a grandparents dream...get to spend gobs of time with the grandkids but a wonderful nanny is there for hours of baseball! LOVE IT. Miss you tons.