Wet Bathrooms

Starbuck's Bathroom Sign
1. Please dispose of your waste paper in the waste basket.
2. For your safety, please refrain from squatting on the toilet.
3. Please refrain from smoking in the bathroom.
4. Extend a courtesy to the next customer, support us in maintaining the cleanliness of the restroom after use.

So there's this big concern over squat toilets from many of us westerners.  I'm here to tell you that, kept clean like any good bathroom, the squat toilet is definitely more sanitary than a sit-down toilet.  And as funny as it sounds to squat on a western toilet, imagine what the squatters must think of the sitters in a public bathroom. 

Many private bathroom I've seen in China are wet bathrooms.  That means everything in it can get wet when you take a shower. The disadvantages are obvious, (wet TP and towels). The advantages? You can clean the bathroom while you shower.  And kids can splash outside of the bath as much as they want.

The toddlers potty train as early as one year here - no big toilets to climb up in, it's just squat and go. Much easier. As for the other big advantage of this kind of toilet? You don't have to go to the gym to practice your squats.

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