China: May 19th - 26th

Daddy's home!

We spend a quiet and grateful evening at home

Xing Xing feeds her new baby rice

Papa Gee and little Star play games on his iPad

Nana sings to baby

Little Star hangs with her stuffed kitty from great-grandma Libbie

Papa Gee and Nana take Xing Xing to school

We dine out with Sky a few times before Papa G leaves for the states.  Chin Ahee on the left. Nanny and housekeeper.

Yes the food shot's interesting, but did you see Papa Gee's used car salesman hairstyle? Also, he asked them to trim his beard, but got it shaved instead.  We call him the "Very Unlucky Guy" when it comes to hair groomers.

Sky takes me for a two hour hike down to the river and back up a ka-zillion stairs under the bridge.  In the end, the view, the company, and the pure uniqueness of the evening was well worth my sore legs the next day.  

Sky discovered the best chicken soup in the entire world here. For real.  Unbelievable.

I just take the pictures. I leave the more exotic morsels for everyone else.  Besides the entire chicken (minus the insides) the soup also contained chestnuts, dumplings and lots of green leafy vegetables. 

 A new favorite place.

Strolling home after an early dinner. Picking up a watermelon for desert.  We're all eating healthier since Sky has to. 


  1. I enjoyed your pix and blog. Glad Sky is home and feeling better. Getting hot here.

    See you soon