China: April 22nd - May 4th 2012

Guy and I traveled to China this year to celebrate the arrival of our new grandson, Huang Xiao Yang. 

In China he takes the last name of his mother, Huang, pronounced like Hong meaning "Yellow",  Xiao, pronounced like Sh-now without the "n", meaning Little, Yang, pronounced like Yong and meaning Sun.  
Yang's English name is Guy Grady Shelton

Xing Xing, pronounced Shing Shing, meaning Star Star, just turned three.  She's a gentle, cheerful girl who rushes to kiss Xiao Yang  when she comes home from pre-school each day.  Xing Xing's English name is Gail Rose Shelton.

Shortly after we arrived, Skyler and Yue Li, pronounced U A as the letter is said, Lee, meaning Moon, rented a larger, more family friendly apartment a kilometer down the road.

They hired two men with a  pick-up truck.  Carrying heavy items with the stick and ropes like this is common in this hilly town.  These men, and women, are called "bong bongs". 

Besides the wonderful cross breeze and two-sided view this apartment features, it also has safety wire around the balconies and windows.  This is not a common addition, and it makes Nana very happy.  Which I've apparently shared more than once, as the kids have taken to calling it  "Nana wire."

The common area for the apartments includes a swimming pool, a lake complete with ducks and frogs, winding walkways for strolls and wheeled toys, and a common area under the umbrella where residents  exercise in the morning and dance in the evenings.


Our view from the dining area with the South Mountains in the background.

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  1. Why don't they just roll the suitcases? They've got wheels, right?