China: What I like, what I don't (2)

Oh, yes, I do hate this. 

 Thirty-two floors up and no safety anything. Here is one of the (our second in two months) apartment's three balconies with just a railing.  A few too many drinks, or, maybe just a long, tiring day, a trip over a toy on your way out to see the view - and a long enough drop to think about how you messed up.

This is the kitchen sink where we normally line up the soap, the sponge, you know, sink stuff.

This is the drop from the kitchen sill.  Reach for the soap bottle and whoops! Hope no one's below. What about giving the baby a bath in the sink? Guess not.

I wonder how many kids fall out each year?

Food I won't miss

The  chicken head. Eyeballs included.

The chicken crest

Food I will miss - decidedly the best chicken soup I've ever tasted.  No doubt because they cook it with the head, the crest, the feet, and so on.

Yum - fresh dumplings full of savory sausage.

The best "fungus" soup ever.

My favorite noodle shop.

I will miss the unexpected around every corner.

A "toilet" restaurant.  Apparently, the toilets in the bathrooms look like chairs.

The dressed and shoed dogs.

Duck in a bag.

The view from our kitchen window.  A beautifully tended garden all around this apartment.  Again, no safety anything, just one slip away from a long fall.

We serve chicken . Fresh as it comes. You even get to pick.

Baby's first English words
Pencil, windmill, football, handgun


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