PEDREGAL: Ten days with the munchkins

San Quintin Bay, Baja Norte, Mexico

Brain Cupcakes.  We also made Edible Eyeballs and were on track for making Night of the Living Bread but couldn't find hummus down here.

Prepared for any emergency.

Are we still "Off the grid" if we truck our water in?

An old box of Christmas cookie mix and decos they found the pantry.  Thanks to whoever brought this down last year!

Papa G and Haven demonstrating the scuba diving signal for "all is well".

Papa G and the girls.

I did not know you could eat, um, drink? watermelon through straws.  Children are our greatest teachers. Of really important stuff.

A pizza joint at the Globas, the weekend market in Cardenes.  Haven, Leeannette, Pizza dude and Nanny.  NANNY?? Hell yes I hired some help for their stay - do you think I'm an idiot? (Don't answer that...)

The Globas, where you can find anything you want. If you look hard enough. And if you don't mind second hand. (Lots of new stuff too)

Lupe shows off her very excellent cake decorating skills.  Just returned from one of her classes with cupcakes for the girls. Well and me.


The Circus! The Circus! I'm more excited than the girls. I do so love Mexican circuses.


This circus was more safety conscious than most - they've erected a barrier that at least makes us FEEL safe.

I'm taking votes.  Is this irresponsible grandparenting? Yes, we touched their tails. No, there was nothing between us and them. Yes, it was totally awesome!

Leeannette and Princess Candy, whose feet never touched the ground the ten days Lea was here.

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