Tuck's turn!  

He holds on - barely!

And they're off!

They brave the big waves too far out to take pics, and half an hour later, they're back, riding the last little ones in.

Tuck gets a turn on the board alone.

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  1. Maggie,

    Sometimes I let the craziness of life keep me from the things that bring me life and joy. This morning I clicked on your blog link, getting lost, and realized you've been busy and I've been missing out! This morning my devotion time was walking backwards through your blog. I got as far as the lovely story of the woman who had such a hard life but now smiles with joy when she hears how much you love Yue Li. And this time, I subscribed by e-mail! I have a rss link, but that only works if I check out my main google page - which I rarely do. Now I won't miss any entries. Thank you for so gracing my morning with your photos, your words, your insight!