China: May 14th - 19th

The hospital kept Sky for nearly two weeks. During that time they stabilized his blood glucose and worked with him on his diet and insulin intake.  Every day he was allowed to leave the hospital for longer periods of time until the last night, when he was released for an "overnight."

He and Dr. Wu, or Charlie, became close friends. Once Charlie understood Skyler wanted to know everything he could about the disease, they spent many hours talking, switching between English and Chinese.

Guy, Yue Li and I saw Sky every day, although it was somewhat confusing as to whether we'd go to the hospital or he was coming home for awhile! We'd check in with each other daily, Yue Li from her shop, Guy from wherever he was roaming, and I usually from the apartment to coordinate meals together or to catch a movie or massage together.  

One style of massage here is a fully clothed, all-in-one-room, social activity with snacks, drinks, T.V. and chatter.  We bring Xing Xing, who watches cartoons and plays games on my iPhone, and Xiao Jung, who nurses and sleeps.  These places are open from morning until the early hours of the morning, to accommodate the late night diners and socializers. These types of places post very prominently, "No Prostitution", which helps a lot in choosing the right place.

Here Sky and Guy and I troll through a new grocery store near the hospital with lots of imports. Ole! sells everything from a $100 turkey (above) to more reasonably priced imports from all over the world.

We didn't know you could buy krill.  Wonder how we'd cook it. 

The entrance to the hospital grounds.

Guy, Yue Li, Xing Xing, Xiao Yung and I eating dinner at the sidewalk cafe outside our apartment.  Skyler was confined to the hospital this night. Above, rat fish covered in peppers. 

They don't mess around here. The beers are brought out in crates.




Guy takes his turn with the baby

Yue Li buying tickets for the underground.

This station is new. They're adding new stops all the time.

Good grief. I can't figure out how to delete this next image. Please ignore it.

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